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Facility Membership 

CASCA works 24/7/365 to ensure ASCs and your staff can focus your time, energy and resources on delivering high quality, lower cost care to Coloradans in need. CASCA tirelessly promotes and protects ASCs’ interests with the State Legislature, Governor’s Office, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, local Legislators and other regulatory bodies. 


CASCA is led by a talented group of Administrators representing a diverse range of populations and surgical practices, who come together to set priorities for our association that reflect our industry’s needs. CASCA’s staff and strategic partners bring unique skillsets and expertise to serve our community.


Conference + Trade Show

    • Thursday, June 9
    • One Attendee 

    • One VIP Breakfast Attendee

    • Discounted Rate on Additional Attendees



    • March 2022
    • One Attendee 
    • 3+ hrs of IPCH
    • Discounted Rate on Additional Attendees

    • September 2022

    • Facility Wide Login 
    • 1.5+ hrs of IPCH


  • Legislative Town Hall

    • Date TBA

    • Legislators TBA
  • Holiday Cocktail Party

    • November 2022

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The Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (CASCA) connects and champions ASCs across Colorado. We work to represent you in the State Legislature and with regulatory bodies like Colorado Department of Health and Environment, promoting and protecting your interests so you can focus on delivering high quality, cost effective patient care. Whether you are physician owned or managed by a professional organization, single or multi-speciality facility, we are here to serve you. Join us to take advantage of the many benefits today!
Facility membership and benefits are determined by CDPHE license. If your facility is affiliated with a management company or part of a consortium, each facility must hold an individual membership to access benefits, but will be billed as a group. A majority of facilities (at least 66%) must participate and management companies must be corporate members and sponsors at corresponding levels, for any facility to participate.

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